Whatever your financial goals may be, our business is to help you achieve them!

We add value to our clients’ financial situation in 3 major ways

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  1. 1. We help bring together a clear picture of your entire financial situation in one easy-to-read document, which makes decision making and comparisons simple.
financial advisor , financial advisors montreal
  1. 2. Through our extensive network of product suppliers and partner companies, we can shop around virtually the entire Canadian financial services market to find you the best products to fit your needs, for the best value.
financial advisor , financial advisors montreal
  1. 3. Our financial education course, offered free of charge to clients and their friends or family in a relaxed, friendly environment, makes building financial literacy simple and fun while keeping our clients aware of new developments and opportunities in the world of personal finance.

Why should you consult with one of our trusted financial advisors

The Financial Independence Club is a financial services firm that offers a complete range of products to help you reach your goals.  Our professional and experienced Financial Advisors will provide you the best financial advice in Montreal.

From college students to retirees, we have helped hundreds of people in Montreal reach their financial goals. A financial goal is not necessarily savings or investment related.  You could benefit from the guidance of a Financial Advisor for a number of things, including:

  • Setting up a more manageable and realistic budget
  • Managing and paying off debt more efficiently
  • Comparing the different mortgages available on the market, and determining which is right for you
  • Learning how to pay off your mortgage faster,  and whether you should invest elsewhere
  • Understanding the different investment options, and how to invest for the greatest return
  • Income tax strategies that lead to significant  savings
  • Ensuring you have the right insurance coverage at the most competitive rates

We offer a comprehensive suite of financial services to better serve you. Financial services that you can trust!

Individuals, families and businesses alike can benefit from a well executed financial plan. Whether you’re just starting out or in retirement, our professional and certified staff will design a fully personalized strategy with your best interests at heart. Our Montreal based Financial Advisors are at your service. We offer an array of financial services and products, including:

We deliver retirement plans that are flexible and sustainable.  We integrate all aspects of your financial situation with concise planning and execution – which is completely adapted to the retirement stage you are in life.


While managing debt may sound easy in theory, it is challenging in practice. We will lay out viable options for you to regain control of your situation and peace of mind.


We deliver personalized solutions and ongoing, regular coaching to keep you on track. Our investment recommendations use different companies across the industry, selected for their merits, with no proprietary products or conflicts of interest.


Our Montreal based Insurance Brokers will source the market to find you the right coverage at the best price. Regardless of the type of insurance you are looking for, our insurance brokers will help you protect yourself, your family and your assets with affordable yet comprehensive policies.


Our tax planning strategies aim to reduce your taxable investment income and take full advantage of tax-deferral opportunities. We can also advise you on insurance tax shelters and other estate planning strategies to maximize the assets your beneficiaries will inherit.


Our firm has partnered with several Montreal based Mortgage Brokers who will source the market and present different options that are appropriate and suitable to your circumstances. Our Mortgage Broker partners are not affiliated with any particular bank or lender, and therefore able to compare products and find the best deal for you with no conflicts of interest.



Get A Free Budget Plan

financial advisor , financial advisors montreal

The key to financial independence is knowledge

With the myriad of financial considerations affecting the lives of Montrealers, having necessary levels of financial literacy – the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions – is an absolute must. Money management is so critical, yet there is a surprising lack of education about it. The Financial Independence Club aims to close the gap on financial education and to empower our members to make wiser decisions.

Our free financial literacy courses give you the “insider” scoop on how best to manage your money and debts. Learn powerful strategies that you can apply towards your own personal situation.