Pierre-Richard Bienné

Financial Security Advisor

Pierre-Richard got into financial services, above all, to share the gift of financial literacy and education with his friends, family and community. After searching for a firm that shared his vision and values, he joined The Financial Independence Club inc. in 2017, where he has been working hard to raise awareness of this critical skill, and dispel the myths about money that keep good people from reaching their goals. 

Pierre-Richard has made it his personal quest to ensure that no one is left behind, offering his services and his knowledge not only to those fairly well-off, but also to struggling families who need someone to give them some time and help them understand how to improve their situation. His career is about more than just dollars and cents: it’s about making a positive difference in the lives of those he meets, and giving people the respect their hard work deserves. 

Phone: (514) 623-6323
Email: prbienne@tficlub.ca